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Mobile Payments are here!

Don’t get caught behind the times... Mobile payments are fast becoming a mainstream way to pay for goods and services, and now with Kashin, anyone can make an order or a payment simply by sending a txt message to 5464.

Kashin provides merchants with a low cost method of facilitating orders and payments, with no POS integration required. Sign-up for free today and see how Kashin can add a new dynamic to your business.

Benefits to Merchants

  • Reduce cash handling
  • Reduce queuing
  • Increase order volumes at peak times
  • Works alongside existing payment facilities
  • Order and pay in advance
  • No integration required
  • Generate repeat customers & loyalty
  • Share in Kashin marketing efforts
  • Little or no capital outlay
  • Low cost merchant facility
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NOTE: To keep personal transactions separate from business transactions we recommend setting up 2 separate accounts (i.e. one for business and the other for personal use).

You will need to have a different mobile number for each account, or if you wish to use the same mobile number, you can do this by deleting your mobile number from the ‘mobile registration’ tab before you register for the second time.

How it works for Merchants

As a Kashin merchant, you will have your own unique Merchant ID for your venue. Once this is created, customers can instantly make payments directly to your Kashin account. Payment notification is sent via SMS to your mobile phone, online, or via a Kashin mPOS terminal which prints a confirmation receipt instantly. Funds are then deposited into the merchant account where they accumulate until banked into the merchant's nominated account.

Customers can pay simply by txting:
<Merchant ID> <$Amount>
to 5464

To pay Waiheke Espresso (Merchant ID – WE) $10.00 over the counter, the customer would txt:
WE $10
to 5464

Create Menu's for ordering & paying in advance

Kashin merchants can create their own menu’s and assign pricing for ordering and paying in advance.
For example:


To order and pay for a Trim Flat White and 2 Latte’s from Waiheke Espresso (Merchant ID – WE)
Create the following txt message:
Menu Item Item Code
Flat White 01
Flat White – Trim 02
Cappuccino 20
Cappuccino – Soy 22
Latte 40

At Point of Sale

Kashin offers a number of options for payment & order notification at point of sale.

These include:
  • SMS / Txt notification – When receiving payments or orders, Kashin will send a notification to your specified mobile device. This allows you to keep track of orders by simply having them sent to your phone!
  • Online – You can view all orders as they come in by logging into the Kashin website. If you have access to the internet and a web browser at point of sale this may be your preferred option.
  • Kashin mPOS printer – For those who require instantaneous payment confirmation at point of sale and don’t have access to the web, Kashin can provide you with an mPOS printer. Whenever an order or payment is made the mPOS printer automatically prints the receipt with the order / transaction details. Customers can pay both at point of sale or prior to arrival e.g. on their way their favourite cafe. Additional charges apply for mPOS terminals. Please contact us for more information.

Transaction reporting & Invoices

All transactions (Inbound & Outbound) and receipts are received in real time and stored online in your merchant account. You can access this information at any time by logging in to your account.

You can also:
  • Export your transactions to excel.
  • Print all or selected invoices.

Other features

  • Kashin settles payments received the next business day after receiving cleared funds from the banks.
  • Issue refunds directly from your online account.

For more information please contact Kashin at

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